2017 Keynote Address

The NHGN is proud to announce that this year’s keynote speaker is Dr. David Brakke, David Brakkethe Joe R. Engle Chair in the History of Christianity and Professor of History in the History Department of the Ohio State University. Dr. Brakke is the author and editor of twelve books, including Shenoute the Great: Selected Discourses of Shenoute the Great: Community, Theology, and Social Conflict in Late Antique Egypt (Cambridge, 2015), Shifting Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity (eds. David Brakke, Deborah Deliyannis and Edward Watts; London, 2012), and The Gnostics: Myth, Ritual, and Diversity in Early Christianity (Cambridge, Mass., 2010). He has written over 40 peer-reviewed articles and books chapters within the field of late ancient studies. His current projects include a revision of Bentley Layton’s  The Gnostic Scriptures and a new translation of Athanasius of Alexandria’s Festal Letters. From 2005 to 2015 Dr. Brakke served as editor of the Journal of Early Christian Studies. He is now the president of the International Association for Coptic Studies and a member of the Board of Consultants of the Journal of Religion.

Dr. Brakke’s address is entitled, “The Gnostic Origins of Christian Biblical Interpretation: From Gospel to Commentary.” We invite all who are interested to attend this event.

Keynote Address Details

Friday, October 6th, 4:00-5:00pm | Howell Hall 115

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